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Portable Shoe Dryer
Portable Shoe Dryer
Portable Shoe Dryer
Portable Shoe Dryer

Portable Shoe Dryer

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Do you experience getting your shoes wet and then have a hard time drying it? Especially during this upcoming RAINY season where it will always make your shoes and feet smell bad.

Fret not as it is no longer a big problem because you can now dry it as easy as drying your hair. The UV Portable Shoe Dryer can dry, sanitize, and eliminate bad odor of the shoes super efficiently.

Product Specifications:
✓ Violet Bacteriosis
✓ Basic & Effective
✓ Dual Core Heating
✓ Super Affordable

How it works

Violet Lamp Sterilization

Wet shoes might cause microbial growth or bad odor. With our UV Portable Shoe Dryer, you no longer have to worry about those problems! Using the dehumidification and anti-microbial technology that helps deal with bad odors and the humid shoes condition. 


Shoe dryer can be both simple and effective! The sleek and minimal design of our shoe dryer can fit into any type of shoes. While weighing as light as a smart phone, you can slip in this device into any bags or carrier to go.



Dual Core Heat

Using the built-in PTC heating element, the dryer will maintain a constant temperature of 60 ° C to avoid overheating and the double-sided vents design and 1532 holes on the surface will ensure a 360 degree of all-rounded heat which will dry your shoes thoroughly and sanitize the whole shoe from any humidity to prevent microbial growth. 


Super Affordable

With only $29.99 this shoe dryer can beat any other shoe dryer in price and producing similar results. With a couple of hours of usage within the shoes, it will be delivering the same function of drying your wet shoes and sanitize it off any bacteria growth. 

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